Not All Plane Sailing

What’s it about?

‘Not All Plane Sailing’ follows four air hostesses, Norma, Aoife, Gigi and Joyce, aboard the fictional Concorde 9945, as it prepares for its first flight.

Norma, Aoife, Gigi and Joyce are the eccentric air hostesses aboard the new Concorde 9945 as it prepares for its first flight. Accompanied by two brash pilots and an array of eccentric passengers, the cast multirole throughout, following a timeline of bizarre and unimaginable events. With an in-flight Zumba routine, a near-crash experience and a fatal nut allergy, what could possibly go wrong?

In 2017 ‘Not All Plane Sailing’ was performed for the first time. Later months saw it performed in festivals and theatres in Kent and Surrey, as well as the company making their debut in a London theatre. GASP! took the show to FAcT Festival, Pisa, in 2019, becoming their first European tour.


Written, Produced & Performed:
Georgie Stafford, Alexandra Saunders-Yates, Sophie Kronenberg & Philippa Holmes.

Rosie Lonsdale

Steph Hartland